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Vox Imaging Technology Ltd

Our vision

Vox Imaging Technology develops and commercialises innovative imaging systems for pre-clinical research applications. Our team has wide expertise in optics, biology, ophthalmic imaging and sensor technology. 

Our team

Peter West

Founder and CEO

Peter is an engineer and entrepreneur with over 40 years experience in developing technology for vision and ophthalmic imaging in commercial, academic and health sectors. He has previously served as Science Director for a major scientific instrument company specialising in vision science. He has electronic, optical and mechanical engineering skills and is a proficient programmer. Peter’s wide  technical and commercial skills are the driving force behind VIT.

Alan Robinson

Founder and CTO

Alan is a senior physicist and engineer with 45 years in optical engineering mainly in the fibre optic industry. He is a serial inventor and has 25 peer reviewed papers and 27 granted patents to his name. As well as his scientific expertise he has previously led engineering teams on major R&D projects for a major fibre optic company. Alan’s wide technical knowledge, engineering experience and innovative thinking underpins VIT’s R&D.

Amanda Carless

Operations Manager

Amanda is a seasoned Operations Manager with over two decades of experience in delivering exceptional results aligned with organisational strategies and goals. As a key player in VIT’s success story, Amanda continues to inspire and lead by example, setting the standard for excellence in operations management. Her dedication, professionalism, and unwavering enthusiasm make her a valuable asset to the team, driving success and innovation at every turn.

Emma Palmer Foster

Investor Director

As EJ Palmer Consulting, Emma works with pharma and biotech companies and organisations on strategy, investor relations and communications. Emma has 30 years of experience in the European healthcare sector, via roles in investment banking, VC, financial communications and investor relations, journalism and technology transfer. She has worked with a wide range of pharma, biotech and medtech firms on IPOs, M&A transactions, public and private fundraisings. Emma has an MA in Biochemistry from the University of Oxford and an MBA from Durham University Business School. She chairs a UK NIHR Invention for Innovation (i4i) Product Development Award Panel and is a Director of Discovery Park Ventures. 

Martino Picardo


Martino is Chairman of Discovery Park and an Independent Consultant, based in Manchester. From June 2011- July 2017, Martino was the first CEO of the Stevenage Bioscience Catalyst, an ambitious concept to develop an Incubator and Accelerator, followed by a world class Science Park for the Life Sciences sector. Having been CEO at Stevenage Bioscience Catalyst, Martino was recently Entrepreneur in Residence at UMIP, Manchester (2017-2020) and was working part-time with the NHS in Manchester, also as an Entrepreneur in Residence. Martino has a PhD in Biochemistry from Cardiff University and spent 4 years at Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX in Cardiovascular research.

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Find Us

Vox Imaging Technology, IH.GN.029, Ground Floor, Innovation House, Ramsgate Road, Discovery Park, Sandwich, Kent CT13 9FF