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Announcing a new investment from Discovery Park Ventures

    Discovery Park Ventures invests £100K in Vox Imaging Technology to advance innovative ophthalmic imaging for pre-clinical research

    We are delighted to announce that Discovery Park Ventures (DPV) is making a £100,000 investment into Vox Imaging Technology Ltd (VIT). This initial investment from DPV will enable us to develop our flagship VoxOne Scanning Laser Ophthalmoscope as a pre-production prototype.

    The VoxOne instrument is aimed at the pre-clinical laboratory research market and is believed to be the first scanning laser ophthalmoscope designed especially for laboratory use. DPV’s early-stage investment in VIT recognises our innovation, expertise, and enterprise in a fast-developing area of medical research. In a high potential market, the VoxOne represents a cutting-edge upgrade to existing technologies in the field of ophthalmology. DPV’s investment will enable the company to move its operations into a new research and development laboratory at Discovery Park. Located in Sandwich, Kent, Discovery Park (DP) is growing into a world class Science Park, with an emphasis on life science and pharmaceutical research businesses. VIT will join a host of other companies from start-ups to established multi-nationals in this thriving research environment. This dynamic community offers a unique opportunity for synergistic collaboration in Kent.

    We are privileged that DPV Director and DP chairman Dr Martino Picardo is joining VIT’s board as our Interim Chairman. Martino is a highly experienced life sciences executive who has held a wide range of senior management roles in some of the industry’s most innovative and successful businesses. Martino will progress our business with his insightful leadership and his wealth of industry experience, while also enhancing our business reach through his vast network of industry contacts. Martino expressed his excitement at DPV’s investment into “such a promising business that already calls Kent home”, highlighting that VIT’s “high resolution, easy to use preclinical ophthalmic imaging would facilitate progress towards new treatments for eye-related diseases.”

    We are also pleased to announce that fellow DPV Director Emma Palmer Foster is joining the VIT board as Investor Director. Emma is an enthusiastic supporter and friend to VIT who brings to the company a wealth of professional knowledge in life sciences business. Emma’s expertise in the area is informed by her substantial career experience in the field and current involvement with other DPV investees. Emma’s knowledge of the life science investment landscape will be invaluable to us as we seek further funding. Emma has championed DPV’s investment in VIT, noting the importance of the Kent-based company’s research: “As global life expectancies increase, so does the prevalence of degenerative diseases that affect, or can be monitored via, the eye. High resolution, easy to use ophthalmic imaging will facilitate accurate measurements in pre-clinical testing and drive progress towards new treatments.”

    Our CEO and founder Peter West welcomed news of the DPV funding award, commenting that VIT are “pleased and gratified that Discovery Park Ventures has recognised our business’s potential.” Peter continues that “DPV’s commitment to VIT is much more than a simple financial investment: their involvement in the business and the opportunities for VIT to now grow at Discovery Park offers an enormous boost to our potential business success.” Peter explains that not only will DPV’s investment “help to drive the development of VIT’s technology, but a base at Discovery Park itself presents the ideal location for the company to grow with high-specification facilities.” As a local business with strong roots in the community, VIT will now look to expand through local engagement; the company hopes to contribute to Kent’s local economy by creating jobs for people who live in the county and by engaging with local business partners. “Academic collaborations are fundamental to our Research and Development strategy. DP is ideally located with a thriving local academic community and has many strong existing collaborations that we will benefit from. This offers VIT a great chance to develop new relationships with advisors and collaborators among this thriving academic research community.”, Peter concluded.