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Vox Imaging Technology Ltd


Our patent applied for design incorporates state-of-the art technology, including:

MEMs scanner

Using a single Hybrid Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) X-Y mirror scanner has allowed us to build an ultra compact instrument.

Rapid focusing

A high speed electro-wetting lens used to control focus at the retina enables rapid 3D volumes to be acquired

Fibre optic coupling

The VoxOne uses fibre optic coupling throughout which simplifies the design and enables the light sources and analysis hardware to be separated from the compact imaging head.

Flexible multiple laser sources

The standard fibre coupled laser sources can be readily customised with additional wavelengths.

Advanced solid-state detectors

The VoxOne uses the latest Silicon Photomultiplier detectors (SiPM) optimised to the imaging wavelengths. The detector modules use a low noise amplifier capable of detecting singe photon events which are digitised by high dynamic range 12 bits high speed ADCs. 

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